1. Where did the term, "BALLSFEST", come from?

Our founder Frank DeBlasi is a testicular cancer survivor. In his effort to support children and young adults affected by cancer, he created an organization with a title that is a play on words, and one that reflects Frank's positive spirit in dealing with his own cancer. 


2. How are the ballers selected?

Ballsfest is a non profit organization that lifts the spirit of children, young adults, and their families affected by cancer. Children who have reached the age of 4 and are under 21 must be referred to Ballsfest and determined to be medically eligible for a gift by their physician or their hospital's child life advisor. Ballsfest works closely with the Baller's medical team and family to determine the most appropriate time to grant a gift, keeping in mind the Baller's treatment protocol and other factors. Family income is not a consideration in determining whether a Baller is eligible to receive a gift. 


3. How can I refer a child or young adult with cancer to BALLSFEST?

Please email us at hello@ballsfest.org with details.