Kamron Winfield.png


Enjoys: Anything Monster Jam, riding 4-wheelers, playing video games, and Papa's cabin

Favorite movie: Any of the Transformer Movies

Favorite Bands: Imagine Dragons, Shine Down


Family Vacation to Disney World!

Kamron Winfield

Baller since 2018

In January of 2016, we noticed a lump on Kamron’s neck. As the weeks followed; the lump on his neck rapidly continued to grow. He was having trouble breathing. March 8, 2016, after being taken to the ER, Kamron was immediately sent by ambulance to Summerlin Hospital. March 15, 2016, they confirmed our worst fear. Kamron was diagnosed with an aggressive form of T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma Non-Hodgkin’s. The doctors reviewed his PET scan and were alarmed. His entire body was covered with huge tumors. Giant tumors in his chest were closing off his airway and suffocating his other organs. If we had waited a few more days, he would have died. He was immediately hospitalized, a port was placed, and he started chemo.

Since then Kamron has developed pancreatitis, a pancreatic pseudocyst, and had a reaction to chemo. He suffers from migraines, the inability to walk causing him to be in a wheelchair, he has to wear leg braces to correct drop foot and go to physical therapy to re-learn how to walk. He has constant nausea, terrible neuropathy, fevers, blood transfusions, platelet and IVIG transfusions. Most recently, he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Although he doesn’t understand why he has cancer; he continues to be loving and kind. Kamron says that he would rather it be him than anyone else. He inspires us daily. Kamron is a true warrior and living proof that there are angels here on earth.