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Favorite Food: Penne pasta (but with butter only)

Aspires to be: a “cancer nurse” to help other sick kids

Loves: the New York Yankees, her family, and doing arts and crafts


Revealed on 9/22

Anastasia Kelesidis

Baller since 2019

Anastasia was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in July of 2016. She was just shy of turning 3 years old. After a routine visit at the pediatrician, he noticed her lips and earlobes were not as“pink” as they should be. He ordered blood work and that is how her condition was first realized. There were no signs or symptoms leading up to this visit. She was immediately admitted to Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, N.J. Within 24 hours, she received a blood transfusion and the following day a bone marrow biopsy to confirm what the oncologist/hematologist suspected.

Anastasia then began the course of treatment as an inpatient for a little over 3 weeks. Upon discharge, she began their outpatient treatment of chemotherapy and oral medications. Ana was unbelievably cooperative for all her appointments and never once said “I don’t want to go”. Over the course of 26 months she maintained her smile and completed treatment in October 2018.