5. Nate Salazar.png


Determined to: create a career producing/engineering music

Random fact: competed at NYS Indoor Track State Championship in Winter 2013

Favorite food: buffalo mac and cheese

Describes himself as: observant, compassionate, and driven



Revealed on 7/13

Nate Salazar

Baller since 2019

In August of 2017, Nate woke up with pain near his left IT band. Over the next year, the pain got exponentially worse. After an x-ray, Nate began physical therapy in the summer of 2018. Physical therapy ordered an MRI and it was discovered that Nate had Ewing's Sarcoma. He endured 3 rounds of chemo until January 2019.

Follow-up scans showed that his tumor was then under the threshold of being considered benign. After that, Nate went through radiation for 6 weeks. He will go through his last rounds of chemo through August/September 2019. Things are looking very positive!