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Enjoys Watching: NCIS and Grey's Anatomy

Aspires To Be: A Marine Biologist

Favorite Colors: Purple and Blue


Denver Broncos v/s Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field

Melia Teofilo

Baller since 2019

Before her diagnosis Melia was sick for weeks and unable to get better with medications. Blood-work was finally done, and on December 8,2016 she was sent to Phoenix Children's Hospital. That is when she was

diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL). She was admitted immediately at the hospital and stayed there for weeks, including on her 16th birthday. Melia underwent chemotherapy and blood transfusions during the year. She kept her spirit up and continued high school online.

During the time of her chemotherapy in October 2017, Melia walked 4.5 miles for the breast cancer awareness walk, like ever year she does with her family, and despite significant pain in her hip. After her doctors took some X-rays, they discovered that her left hip was fractured, and she would need a couple of screws. With all the steroids her bones were so fragile that anything could happen to her.

Despite these set backs Melia continues to play with her dogs, Diva and Teddy, she loves hanging out with friends and family. She is back to school, and completing her Junior year of high school, while also doing online classes. Once a month she goes to her clinic for chemotherapy and is now doing aquatic therapy to get the strength back in her hip. With her family the source of so much strength, Melia remains in very positive spirits and is determined to beat this all!