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Wants to Meet: Ariana Grande

Wants to Be: An Artist or Scientist

Loves: Pickles 


A Family Vacation to Hawaii!

Justin White

Baller since 2019

August 2018, first week of 4th grade, Justin was struggling with pain and swelling near his knee. We didnt take it seriously until he couldn't even walk on it properly. That Friday he was seen by his doctor. An x-ray was taken and the doctor suspected a fracture. That x-ray was referred to a specialist that same day. A week later Justin was seen by a radiologist. Dr. Goggins, in the most gentilist way told us that it wasn't a fracture but a mass. The month of August consisted of many scans, biopsy, and port placement.  

Justin was officially diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on 8/31/18. Based on scans the cancer had not spread anywhere else. Chemotherapy started 9/5/18. From Sept-Nov of 2018 Justin went through rounds of chemotherapy for preparation of his surgery in December. On December 12 Justin underwent surgery to remove the tumor and for a prosthesis replacement. The surgeon was impressed with Justin being out of bed 24 hours after his surgery! 

The tumor was examined by a pathologist and was determined that only 60% of the tumor was dead. This puts Justin at a high risk of cancer returning with in the next 5 years. Justin will continue to be monitored over the next 5 years. Justin will be done with his treatment May of 2019. Justin chooses to smile and be happy after everything he has experienced. We truly believe with his electrifying outlook he will be healthy for the rest of his life!