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Favorite movie: Dark Knight 

Favorite car: Dodge Challenger

Loves: Biosciences 


Guitar Center Gift Certificate, and Apple package!

Julio Camacho

Baller since 2019

In the summer of 2018, Julio complained of pain in his abdomen. He went to the doctor and had an urgent surgery to get rid of a tumor. The tumor tested positive for cancer. Thus started a short but intense treatment of chemotherapies on September 14th. 

He finished chemotherapies on the 2nd of November. Although almost in the clear, in February 2019 he went into his 2nd surgery to get rid of his last tumor. This tumor was in a scary spot next to his aorta in the abdomen, but luckily, the tumor tested negative for cancer. Even though he hasn't been cleared yet, things are looking up for Julio!