3. Isabella Caruso.png


Favorite color:  teal and blue

Enjoys: going to the beach, playing with her dog Gracie, riding horses and her 4-wheeler

When she grows up, she wants to:  work with animals

Random fact: can do a back bend in gymnastics


Revealed on 7/13

Isabella Caruso

Baller since 2019

Isabella was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL type B) on June 12, 2015 just before her 4th birthday. Isabella had been treated for an ear infection and strep throat prior to being diagnosed. Even after two rounds of antibiotics she was still tired, had low grade fevers, and had bruising, her pediatrician examined her and sent her right away to Albany Medical Center for blood tests.

Within 24 hours, Isabella was diagnosed with ALL, received her 1st spinal tap, and began IV chemotherapy treatment. Her life was turned upside down in seconds, but throughout her treatments, both in the hospital and at home, Isabella remained positive and happy. Isabella was in treatment for 795 days. She received 18 spinal taps, 63 IV chemotherapy treatments, numerous pills at home, 2 blood transfusions and multiple hospital stays. Her love for life and positive spirit is what got her family all through this unexpected journey. August 5, 2019 will mark her 2nd year in remission!