1. Charlie Bull.png


Enjoys:  soccer, baseball (The Red Sox), LEGOS, and museums

Random fact:  he's a lefty

When he grows up, he wants to be:  a chemist

Loves:  Watching YouTube videos.  His favorite channel is Turbo Toy Time


Revealed on 7/13

Charlie Bull

Baller since 2019

Charlie was born on June 11, 2014. He was celebrating his second birthday at Disney right before he was diagnosed. The day they returned, he was brought to Urgent Care because of a persistent fever. They sent him to Albany Med where he met Dr. Pearce. Just 9 days after Charlie's second birthday, he was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL. He has been in treatment now for almost 3 years. He will finish his treatment on August 29th, a week before he will start kindergarten.