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  • Loves to: Bake, listen to music, play outside
  • Always trying to: Break her own pull-up record
  • Random fact: Dance parties are her thing

Ballsfest Gift

A day with The Food Network's Guy Fieri, including lunch with Guy, and attending a taping of, "Guy's Grocery Games"!

Laney Robillard

Baller since 2018

In June of 2017, 8 years old Laney started exhibiting concerning symptoms that would come and go over the course of two weeks.  She continued to push through and be her very active self, though something wasn't right.  Multiple trips to the doctor, including getting blood work left us waiting to see a specialist.  We were referred to a neurologist as one of her symptoms were frequent headaches.  

At her neurology appointment we were told that things did not look good and all signs and symptoms were pointing to a brain tumor.  We were immediately sent for an MRI, which confirmed that there was a large brain tumor in Laney's brainstem.  We were told to go to the hospital right away.

Laney endured a 15-hour surgery to remove just parts of the tumor.  Later, biopsy results showed that Laney had Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma or JPA, a common brain tumor in children that typically responds well to treatment.  She was monitored for several days to determine if she would need an additional surgery for a shunt placement to regulate the fluid in her brain.  She did undergo an additional surgery and a shunt was placed.  After multiple scans and adjustments the right setting was found.

After Laney's surgeries she was not able to walk on her own.  This was obviously a life changer.  She loves to be active, play multiple sports and is always moving.  She is a fighter with amazing strength and this would not stop her.  She went through rehabilitation and still frequents physical and occupational therapy both twice weekly.  While she still has work to do we are happy to report that Laney crushed her first goal of walking into school on her own and is now trying to get back to lacrosse practice.

Laney goes through weekly chemotherapy treatments with a few breaks between.  While these treatments do exhaust her she still powers though continuing to try and live the life of a now 9 year old.  

Laney always has a smile on her face.  She always tries her best no matter what life throws her way and has the biggest heart.