Navy Bishop.png


Favorite Part of School: Eating lunch with her friends

Favorite colors: Pink, purple, and gold 

Aspires to be: a police officer, hair stylist, and a tooth fairy 


A Disney Cruise!

Navy Bishop

Baller since 2018

At the age of 2 1/2, Navy was diagnosed with stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma and has been in and out of active disease treatment for 3 1/2 years. Originally a tumor was found behind her left eye when Navy's family noticed it was deviating outwards, and since found tumors throughout her entire body. She has completed dozens of weeks of chemotherapy and immunotherapy, surgery, radiation, etc. She has completed various parts of treatment all over the west coast-- Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. 

In July of '18, a good result came back showing that the active cells are gone from her biopsy! Currently, Navy is doing hospital immunotherapy rounds every 5 weeks in Las Vegas, close to home! Navy has been through a lot, but has been an inspiration to many throughout this whole process. She has such energy and light about her! 

Navy loves to play with friends and family, swim, dance, and be outdoors. She loves crafts, cooking, playing with dolls and visiting the beach in between oncology appointments when she travels to LA. She has recently started 1st grade, and loves going as often as she can. Her little sister, Riley, and her are wonderful friends as they play with each other and help care for each other.

Navy's family looks forward to a day when cancer will not be on her mind, but until then, she has continued to show all a resilient spirit and love for life!