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IN A Glance...

  • Favorite Snack: Strawberries and yogurt
  • Favorite Activity: Blowing bubbles, digging in the sand, and riding bikes
  • Favorite Food: Chicken bacon rolls, and shells with cheese

Ballsfest Gift

Hotel Del Coronado for 5 days!

Mason Ball

Baller since 2018

After weeks of explaining away all of the warning signs, a visit to a doctor, a clean x-ray, a nurse finally urged Mason (then 3 years old) and his family to head to the ER the week of Christmas in 2016. After spending hours in the ER they transferred Mason to another hospital, where he was diagnosed with high risk acute lymphoblastic B cell leukemia. 

After intense chemo therapy and an extremely tough battle with a staph infection, day 29 came with the amazing news that he was cancer free. He continued on with more rounds of intense chemo throughout the early-mid Summer of 2017, and hit the maintenance phase in August of 2017. Mason will continue on with the maintenance phase tentatively until April of 2020. 

During treatment he continues to fight bravely and wowing nurses, doctors, family, and friends the whole way. His bright smile and old soul are building new friendships and family as he travels through his journey!