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Current Obsession: Watching YouTube videos

Enjoys: Being a big sister

Loves: Eating lobster


Complete Bedroom Makeover!

Katerine Soriano

Baller since 2018

Katerine had always been a very healthy and happy young girl. Katerine was with her father for a visit on a Sunday afternoon on 7/31/16, when he noticed a lump in her stomach. She began to experience pain and her father took her to the hospital right away. She was admitted and had some blood work and scans done. After conducting about 5 different scans they found a tumor in in one of her kidneys. Katerine was just an 8-year old little girl when she was diagnosed with Nephroblastoma, also known as Wilm’s Tumor, on August 9, 2016. She he immediately had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible and her journey began. This was very devastating to the family.

Katerine underwent radiation and chemotherapy. She received treatment for about 6-months which consisted of 6 cycles of chemo, 10-weeks of flank radiation, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, follow-up visits, nephrectomy, labs, scans, and both scheduled and unscheduled hospitalizations. Katerine experienced some negative side effects to the treatment such as losing her hair which affected her self-esteem, but she still smiled and was full of life. Katerine finally finished treatment in early 2017 and continued with follow-ups every 3-months which included lab work, CT scans, and PET scans. Everything was going well, and the scans kept coming back clean. Katerine was extremely happy that she would be able to return to school and see her friends and teachers, which she did. Unfortunately, around mid-November 2017 Katerine went in for a follow-up and a CT scan. Results revealed that tumors had developed in her left lung again. Katerine had a relapse and she underwent surgery again in January 2018 to remove the tumors. Doctors informed the family that treatment would be more aggressive and would last throughout 2018.

Despite these setbacks, Katerine remains a very strong, very smart girl, and has many goals yet to accomplish, including being a veterinarian!