Favorite Color: Purple

Activities: Singing, dancing and playing with her little sister

Favorite Family Activity: Going out to dinner together in Saratoga Springs, NY


A Custom Playset!

Olivia DeWitt

Baller since 2018

In late June, 2017, Olivia was brought to her pediatricians’ office complaining of body aches, extreme fatigue and with lots of visible bruising.  Her doctor quickly ordered blood tests and the results came back within minutes indicating something was seriously wrong.  Olivia and her family were told to head immediately to the Melodies Center at Albany Medical Center for additional testing.  The next day, instead of heading to their planned family vacation, Olivia was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and spent what would have been a week on the beach, in a hospital bed.  Despite this devastating news, Olivia and her family remained positive and by day 28 of her initial chemotherapy treatment roadmap, she was (and is) in remission – No Evidence of Disease!

Olivia has undergone eight months of intense chemotherapy treatments and has had several planned and unplanned hospital stays due to surgeries, fevers and infection.  She will undergo another year and a half of monthly maintenance treatments; her final treatment date that her family and friends are counting down to is October 19, 2019.

Olivia is a brave and strong little girl with an amazing smile and a tender heart.  She is known by her medical team as “Dr. O” and she loves to assist her nurses while preparing for her procedures and to help with their office work.  Olivia is always singing and dancing and constantly surprising her family with her smart wit.  She is also very excited to begin preschool in the fall.  She is Olivia Brave.