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Enjoys watching: The Food Network

Best friend: Buddy, his dog
Collects: Superheroes 


Hawaii Family Vacation!

Gavin Kilcullen

Baller since 2018

After trying out multiple sports Gavin took a liking to basketball at the age of 10, and signed up to play in a league. However, just in the second week of the season, Gavin was struggling physically to keep up. A series of dizzy spells led to a visit to the ER, where tests confirmed critically low levels, followed then by blood transfusions, and eventually a bone marrow biopsy. The conclusion was a leukemia diagnosis (ALL), on April 14, 2016. 

An aggressive chemotherapy schedule ensued, and Gavin reached a remission period in August of 2014. However, because Gavin's leukemia was considered high risk, a bone marrow transplant was suggested. 6 weeks later, through the "Be The Match" program, a donor was found for Gavin, and the transplant would take place in Tucson, Arizona. Gavin arrived on November 3, 2014, and would be there for three months to complete the transplant. Intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments have caused some side effects over time, but Gavin is still in remission!

However, in the Spring of 2017, during a visit to the hospital to deal with a fever, a cough of Gavin's was detected, and tests proved to show much fluid in his chest and around his heart. In efforts to drain the fluid, tubes and needles were inserted all around his chest area, but unfortunately one of the needles grazed his liver and led to all sorts of blood buildup in the tubes. In order to resolve this issue, Gavin's chest cavity was opened up, and doctors took care of the bleeding. Gavin's luck continued to be challenged, as he learned his kidneys were failing, and started dialysis immediately. Over the course of 2017 Gavin would endure all sorts os infections, and he would overcome each battle, including a double pneumonia and bacterial infection that made his heart stop 5 times! Gavin was on life support for 10 days, and celebrated his 12 birthday with the machines keeping him alive! Gavin overcame so many odds at this time, including potential brain damage, and learning to walk again.

Gavin continues to battle, and will need a kidney transplant after he is two years in remission from leukemia. As of Fall 2018 Gavin improves each day, and has diaysis three times a week, infusions once a week, and physical therapy. Gavin wants nothing more than to go back to school and to be able to run again. Gavin and his family believe it will happen!!