IN A Glance...

  • Favorite Colors: Pink, purple, mint, blue, and glitter
  • Favorite Activities: Hanging out with her BFFS, and going to the lake
  • Random Fact: Has a massive stuffed animal collection

Ballsfest Gift

Allie will be attending a taping of, "Dancing with the Stars" in Los Angeles, and will get a lavish shopping spree!

Allie Hansen

Baller since 2018


On October 16, 2016, after experiencing some severe foot pain and a near fainting episode, Allie made a visit to the local emergency department. Lab work revealed multiple critical values and she was immediately life-flighted to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT.  More tests were done, and Allie was diagnosed with high risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  


Allie was diagnosed exactly one week before her ninth birthday.  After a trip to the operating room for a bone marrow aspiration, lumbar puncture, and a port placement, she began intense chemotherapy treatments.  Although she has had a few setbacks and complications along the way, she remains positive and happy.  She lives 4.5 hours away from "her" hospital (Cardon Children's Medical Center, Mesa, AZ), and despite spending hundreds of hours in the car and the hospital, she rarely complains.  She is often concerned about how others are doing with her diagnosis, than she is about herself.


Allie is a beautiful young lady inside and out, mature beyond her years. Two of her greatest joys are shopping and dancing, but these have not been interrupted by her diagnosis!