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  • Favorite Snack: Wise cheese doodles
  • Loves To: Fish, watch You Tube
  • Favorite Teams: New York Yankees, New York Giants


A Custom Man-Cave!

Daniel MacMillan

Baller since 2018

Danny was 12 yrs old in January of 2017 when he fell in gym class, and his best friend landed on his lower left leg. Daniel was brought to Wilton Medical Center where they said it was a sprain and sent us home. Weeks went by and the baseball season started, and Danny played almost a whole season. However, his leg started to hurt and he started to limp towards the end of the season. He went for every test possible, and was told his sprain healed. However, his leg hurt worse and a red spot appeared and grew larger. We went to the doctor again and they pulled him away from any physical activities; it crushed him when he made All-Stars and couldn't play.  So finally in June 2017, they did a biopsy of the red spotted area and few days later we received the worse phone call any parent could receive: Danny was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma Bone Cancer in his left fibula. 

He began chemotherapy in July 2017, and on November 7th, he had his first surgery where they removed part of his fibula and replaced it with a cadaver bone. However, when a microscopic report came back there was evidence of a tumor on the outside of the bone. So more chemotherapy and another surgery took place in January '18  to amputate below the knee, with additional chemotherapy prescribed until June 2018. 

A scan done in March '18 came back clear and we continue to hope for clean results. Danny is one tough boy, and he just wants to get back on the baseball field, and start bowling again with his friends. He is our Hero!