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  • Favorite Pastime: Catching bugs and squirting water guns
  • Favorite Sport: All of them!
  • Thing He Does Best: Being a big brother

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  • Personal Play House

Gavin Doubrava

Baller since 2017

In March of 2016 when Gavin was 3 years old, he was brought to his pediatrician to investigate a protrusion on the left side of his belly. Gavin’s family was then instructed to immediately take him to the hospital as he had an enlarged organ of some sort.  Late that night in the emergency room, Gavin’s family was told he had Wilms Tumor, a form of kidney cancer.  Its natural progression is to travel to the lungs where doctors found 4 additional tumors. As a result, two days later Gavin underwent a successful surgery to have his kidney and the tumor removed.

Gavin’s family was initially comforted by the fact that Wilms Tumor is a fairly common type of childhood cancer with very high success rates. Unfortunately, the biopsy results came back with devastating news: Gavin was diagnosed with a rare form of Wilms Tumor, in the Stage 4 period, likely decreasing his cancer responding to treatment.

Intense chemotherapy and radiation finished* in November of 2016, and we are extremely happy to report Gavin no longer shows signs of having any tumors! Today Gavin is on the road to recovery and is a seeming healthy young boy very excited to start kindergarten in the Fall of 2017. Gavin has an infectious personality with the ability to make anyone smile.