In A Glance...

  • Secret Passion: Writing stories
  • Love/Hate Relationship With: Justin Bieber
  • Best Friends: Mom & Dad

Ballsfest Gift

  • The primary adoption room at the Saratoga County (NY) Animal Shelter named in Reese’s honor, “Reese’s Meadow”.

Reese Meadow Johnson

Baller since 2016

March 12, 2001 was the day the earth and everybody on it and received an amazing gift....Reese Meadow Johnson!

At the age of 13, Reese was diagnosed in March of 2014 with Ewing sarcoma and later contracted secondary AML leukemia in January 2015. She fought with vigilance and elegance but eventually lost her battle in early 2016.

Leading up to her diagnosis Reese was an All-Star gymnast and cheerleader for football, and loved creating You Tube videos with her friends. Reese loved school, and animals, especially her cat Dakota. Reese was the greatest daughter and friend to everybody; she was a lover of all things in life and demonstrated the essence of life and how to live it.